In 2013 we adopted over 300 cats and 3 dogs into loving homes. We spayed/neutered  749 cats and dogs for an overall total of 7,179.  We could not do this without you. Thank you everyone for your support.

Join us for our monthly adoption events!

Our next monthly adoptathon event will be held Saturday, March 15th, at the Tillamook County Fairgrouds, the 4-H Dorm, from noon to 3 PM.

All potential adopters will be required to fill out an application form first as part of our screening process to protect the animals. All cats and kittens are current with inoculations. If adults, they are spayed/neutered. Kittens come with spay/neuter certificate.

No animals are to be dumped at the Adoptathon.  Abandoning an animal is illegal and punishable by 6 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.

For more information, call our hotline 503/842-5663 or write to us at unitedpaws@hotmail.com  people-7

 Muttzanita 2013 a Success

This year’s Muttzanita Festival in Manzanita enjoyed by all. Sponsored by pet boutique Four Paws on the mutt3Beach and the Rotary Club of North Tillamook County, this day of frolic and fun for pets and their people benefited United Paws and other local worthy causes.  Check out www.muttzanita.com; or visit Muttzanita’s Facebook.

2012 & 2013: The Beginning of the Transition of United Paws

Busy and sometimes hectic. That’s the only way to describe the year 2012 and into 2013 for United Paws. A record year in many ways. Link directly to our full color 2013 MewsLetter by clicking on photo below. It takes a minute or so to download!

UP 1

Despite a still rather stagnant economy and a downturn in grant money, thanks to donor generosity, bequests and several successful fund-raising projects, we raised over $100,000 in 2012, the most in United Paws history.

It allowed us to continue our several programs of spaying/neutering the pets of low-income Tillamook County residents and roaming feral, abandoned and homeless cats; finding a record 211 homes for rescued cats and 7 dogs; providing emergency medical care for injured and sick cats and dogs; and providing pet food for needy residents.

It Takes a County to Install a Doggy Gate

An alert went out to people in North Tillamook County and on United Paws FaceBook page about 3 pets who were left behind when their north county guardian died. Beggar the cat and Bud the dog were outside pets who were very bonded. Danielle was an indoor cat. Well, we got a home for Danielle, no worries; and all the neighbors said they’d care for Beggar the cat, since she was used to being outside anyway. But poor Bud the dog, a Bud's new gate 2012lab/rotty mix, had nowhere to go. He’s around 9 years old, and we were receiving mixed messages about how (un)friendly he was toward other dogs, and he needed a fenced yard because he had a wandering paw. He wasn’t going to be easy to place in brief. Well, long story short, the neighbors decided to adopt him. Great news! But their yard doesn’t have a gate, and it needed one of those big, rolling chain-link gates or some kind of double gate. So an appeal went out for a gate and people to help install it. And of course we got a tremendous response. People sent donations toward the cost of the gate and also offered their labor.

The gate was purchased by United Paws, from Tillamook Farmers Coop at discount, thanks to generous donations from Tillamook County folk, and has now been installed by Bud’s new family.  Bud is spending more time in the house, which must be nice for him since he has a touch of arthritis. His friend, Beggar, is flitting from neighbor to neighbor, but officially belongs to Bud’s neighbor, so she and Bud can still be best friends.  This was a great example of everybody in the community pulling together for pets in need.