Adopt Me!

Adoption Fees (as of June, 2010)

Adoption fees help reduce the costs of foster care, and also veterinary expense. Cats and dogs receive necessary inoculations, ear mite/flea treatment, worming, spay/neuter (if adult), spay/neuter certificate for kittens/puppies. Veterinary medical care is also provided when needed as rescues/strays sometimes come to United Paws with health or injury issues.

Female Kitten(Includes Spay Certificate) $65
Male Kitten(Includes Neuter Certificate) $55
Teen Cat(9 months to 4 years, already spayed or neutered) $45
Adult Cat(5 years or older, already spayed or neutered) $40

The worthy animals shown below (listed alphabetically by animal name) are all in need of forever homes. Visit the Adoption Application page to begin the adoption process.

Even if you’re unable to provide a permanent home, you can help these animals greatly by providing a Foster Home.

View a list of adoptable pets: